Theodora. Or Teddy. Whatever.

Ask me a question, and I just might bother to answer it.   I've always been told I'm an unusual girl. I have no moral compass. No actual fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiveness that is as wide and as wavering as the ocean.


tumblr user more like tumblr loser am i right haha…I’m so sad

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You can’t escape followers, i’ve already glued the door shut


Nice try followers, but I replaced all the glass with rubber.


Too late followers, I’ve already cloooggged all the toooiiiiillleeeetttts

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Three babes hitting three big bongs

galactic-horseface This is you, Elli and me.

Holy shit yes

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This is an appreciation post for lori-frechette for being world’s best photography model and world’s raddest friend. ily 5ever bby.

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white masculinity is so garbage they count moisturising their skin as feminine

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the only photo set that actually matters on this stupid website

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ariana grande reminds me of the annoying girl at school with mediocre vocals that always gets asked to sing the national anthem or something for school events 

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U know you’ve grown up when you don’t find the same people on YouTube funny anymore

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"Describe your style" 

anything on sale

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i need a new bra, looks like it’s time to take out a fucking loan

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im walking on sunshine


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